Named after N.I. Pirogov, formerly known as Russian State Medical University (RSMU)is an educational institute located in Moscow, Russia. It is fully accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and is currently under the authority of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.It is one of the largest medical institutions in Russia and Europe, and currently more than 9200 people are enrolled in almost 115 different academic departments in this university.

Course(s) Offered:

  • General Medicine: 6 years
  • Pediatrics: 6 years
  • Medical Biochemistry: 6 years
  • Medical Biophysics: 6 years
  • Medical Cybernetics: 6 years
  • Dentistry: 5 years
  • Pharmacy: 5 years
  • Clinical Psychology: 5 years
  • Social Work: 5 years