Zagazig University, Egypt

LOGO Zagazig University


Zagazig University (ZU) was founded in 1974, as a state university, in accordance with the presidential decree number 18 to create and transfer knowledge that will shape citizens who contribute to their communities and lead their professions in a global society.

Undergraduate medical education is only one program with 16 main subjects. No credit hour system is used during undergraduate medical education.

The anatomy with its clinical applications, medical biochemistry, histology and medical physiology, taught during the 1st and 2nd years, microbiology & immunology, pathology, Parasitology and clinical pharmacology & therapeutics during the 3rd year. The clinical subjects are given to the students at years 4th, 5th and 6th years of undergraduate medical education.


City of Zagazig, Egypt

Course Offered

  • Medical (6 Years)
  • Pharmacy (5 Years)

Clinical Training

  • Students gain clinical knowledge during last 3 years in education.
  • Starts end of 4th Year and 1 Year Training in Zagazig University Hospitals.
  • ┬áThe faculty formulated the educational goals and objectives, which are the basis for building up each clinical course objectives with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes. Each clinical discipline designed its own educational objectives to achieve appropriate clinical competencies.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Minimum B in all SPM science subjects.
  • Completed preparatory class for few months ┬ábefore departure.


  • September


  • Hostel provided by the University
  • Assisted accommodation outside of campus (by Tridiva Utama)

University Status

Recognized by JPA, MMC, Malaysian Dental Council, MARA and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia

Other Info

  • University situated 3 Hours from Cairo.
  • Living Cost (Exc.Hostel) : RM 400.
  • Fares around Rs 2000.00 Rs 3550 one way or round trip
  • Flight from KL : 12 Hours
  • Food : All kinds of food including halal food.
  • Places of worship : Mostly Mosques