Russian National Research Medical University, Russia


Russian National Research Medical University, formerly known as Russian State Medical University was found in 1906. Today, at the beginning of the third millennium, the University is a large medical scientific, research and educational center, noted for its extensive clinical and laboratory base and a brilliant teaching staff. The University has broad international contacts in the field of education, medical science, health care and economic activities. The diplomas of RSMU are recognized by many countries all over the world.

After graduation from the University over 1000 students are annually trained in the internship, clinical studies and take the postgraduate course in a total of 51 branches of medicine, including 37 medical, 7 biological, 5 chemical and 2 – in the fields of physics, mathematics, automation and computer systems.

Today Russian State Medical University is a complex of buildings designed for practical classes, lectures, laboratory studies, library, research work and auxiliary services, covering a total area of 1,119 thousand square meters and including a students’ township “Medik”, located near the study buildings. It consists of four hotel-type buildings with a dining hall (total area – 42000 sq. m.). All of the out-of-town students have been accommodated at the hostels.


Trubetskaya Street, Moscow City

Course Offered

Medical Degree (6 Years) – English / Russian medium

  • English medium
  • Russian medium

Pre-Medic (conducted locally)

Clinical Training

  • The training includes lectures, tutorial, practical and clinic training.
  • During the first 2 years students study fundamental disciplines, which are necessary for further training in clinics. These are biology, chemistry, physics, human anatomy, histology, Latin and Russian language and others.
  • At the 3rd course students are studied operative surgery, topographical and pathological anatomy, pathological physiology, pharmacology and others very important medical disciplines.
  • During the following senior courses (3 years) students attend clinics where they get serious extensive practice and gain experience in working with patients.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Minimum B in all SPM science subjects.
  • Completed preparatory class for 4 months before departure.


  • September


  • Hostel provided by the University (USD 2000/year)
  • Assisted accommodation outside of campus (by Tridiva Utama)

University Status

The 6 years course is fully recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia, MCC and JPA. The RSMU Degree is recognized by WHO and the Medical Council of many countries. The degrees of the University open the doors to European countries, the USA and Canada.

Other Info

  • University situated at the heart of the Moscow, convenient and easy accessibility for students.
  • Living Cost (Exc.Hostel) : RM 700.
  • Current number of Malaysian student : More than 1500
  • Flight from KL : 15 Hours
  • Food : All kinds of food including halal food.
  • Places of worship : Mosques, Churches & Temples